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When visiting beautiful

Palm Springs and looking forward to a fun, relaxing vacation, the easy part is the fun --

sun, golf, tennis, shopping, museums, events &

just hanging out by the pool. 

Then, there's dining out...

To most people, that’s fun, too. 

But, when your diet MUST be gluten-free, it can be an anxiety-producing struggle to find restaurants that keep you, as well as others in your party happy.  And, we know that you're the one who has to do the research, because how you feel

depends on it!

There's nothing fun or relaxing being the one with

"the difficult diet."

We have a solution: 

Knowledge is power.

Several restaurants in the Coachella Valley have jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon. 
They've created kitchen facilities specifically for gluten-free food preparation, & now feature many delicious gluten-free selections.  We want to make it a little easier to find great gluten-free food.


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Your restaurant featured here, will have it's own tab (to the left) and your own page with menu display. 
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$20 OFF We can create a coupon that the customer can print or photograph with their smart phone and bring into your restaurant, or you can create a Discount Code that the customer can use when placing the order online or over the phone.

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